Healthcare Risk Management Dental Program

We specialize in guiding dental, medical, and ambulatory care facilities through the often changing and challenging federal and state health and safety compliance regulations. Based on the types of services and treatments provided by your practice, we will design a customized and prioritized action plan to guide your organization through successful implementation of health and safety regulations.

Qualification for Program Services

Do you know where your exposure control plan is located? Is it updated annually? Is it documented? 

Do you evaluate, document and implement the use of safety needles and other safety engineered sharps?

Do you provide sharps containers in every operatory wherever sharps are generated/used?

Is your training annual, interactive, and include all elements as required by the MA BORID and OSHA?

Have you had the most recent training for GHS, the new HAZCOM standard? (Dec 1, 2013 deadline)

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, you would benefit from the expertise and assistance of HAR LLC.

Program Details

We provide on-site assessment and guidance to assure compliance with OSHA, Board of Registration in Dentistry/CDC industry standards. 

Reduce liability                                                                             Reduce infection rates
Reduce costs                                                                                Reduce worker's compensation

Improve patient and staff safety                                              Peace of mind
Achieve regulatory compliance


  • Office Survey/Assessment - Work environment, procedures, risk, etc. (Not a template)
  • Written Recommendation/Corrective Actions
  • Safety Data Sheet Manual Review - According to new OSHA Globally Harmonized System
  • Health and Safety Policy Manuals - Site-specific, prepared and provided by HAR LLC
  • Education/Training - Classroom-based, online courses, webinars, and/or seminars are available

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